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Top 13 Haikyuu Backgrounds

Discover 13 of the best Haikyuu backgrounds below:

Kageyama meets Hinata 

This is where it all started. Where Kageyama and Hinata were first introduced, each playing for different teams. 

Hinata’s very first volleyball match with his team, Yukigaoka, came against Kitagawa Dai-ichi, the team of the renowned king of the court, Tobio Kageyama.

Simply put, Hinata showed out! He shouldered most of the burden for his team.

But the most memorable scene is the one featured in the background. Hinata was tossed a ball that was practically going out when his setter failed to set the ball properly. 

By some freakish display of athleticism, he still managed to get to it and spiked the ball. Everyone was shocked, but none more than Tobi Kageyama.

Despite losing the match, Hinata vowed to beat the shocked Kageyama. This is where their rivalry began. (S1 E1)

The Hinata-Kageyama Teamwork 

In an unlikely turn of events, Hinata and Kageyama find themselves trying out for the same team, Karasuno.  This means that the two opponents will be in the same volleyball team which does not make them out as the rivals they were supposed to be. 

The high tension and quarrel between them during the tryout makes the Captain of the team, Daichi, reject their applications unless they show a sense of teamwork.  

After a one-on-one session, they were now ready to play a 3-on-3 match to prove their worth. During the match, Hinata shows complete trust in Kageyama, as he blindly spikes the ball to score a point. 

A little inside note, Kageyama purposely placed the ball where Hinata could spike blindly, leading to somewhat the creation of the seemingly unstoppable quick attack later on in the season. This makes the background a lot more memorable. (S1 E4)

Hinata Shoyo from the concrete

This is one of those backgrounds that have a backstory that will give you goosebumps 

In their quest to compete in Tokyo, the Karasuno team finds themselves in one of coach Ukai’s harsh training montages.

The team was forced to run uphill by pair. The pairing of Kageyama and Hinata was the last pair to the run-up. Being rivals, they went overboard and ran a lot farther than their teammates did. As far as stumbling upon the territory of Shiratorizawa, where they met Ushijima.

Hinata and Kageyama are invited by Ushijima to his school. In a very serious discussion after kind of degrading Kageyama, Ushijima claims that the only good player from Aobajohsai High is Oikawa, insinuating that Aobah Johsai is infertile soil. If that is the case, Hinata took it as an insult for his team, thinking Ushijima looks at Karasuno as concrete. Hinata challenges him as Ushijima was going up for a loose ball, getting to the ball first. 

Although insulted by Hinata’s claim, Ushijima shows that he is astonished by Hinata’s determination and athleticism. (S2 E1) 

Iwaizumi and Oikawa part ways

The second meeting of Aoba Johsai and Karasuno was probably the best match of the whole Haikyuu anime series. It was a match that put even the most disinterested person on the edge of their seat.

The match ended with Karasuno taking the win, two sets to one, with the scores in each set being as close as it could get. 

After this loss, the tandem of Iwaizumi and Oikawa had a very emotional scene for themselves, as seen in this background. For what seems to be their final conversation, Iwazumi vows to defeat Oikawa.

As far as we know, that match was the very last match that Iwazumi and Oikawa will ever play together, especially since Oikawa plans on going to Argentina. This makes the moment a lot more memorable. (S2 E25)

Hinata sees through Aran’s attack

Hinata wasn’t someone born with the greatness of volleyball. He hardly knew the basics, no one ever taught him until high school. But his sheer perseverance and freakish athleticism were enough for him to keep going.  

An aspect we never really saw Hinata be good at was receiving. But we saw in this background; this moment, a flawless receive from the little giant, and at a time his team needed it most. 

It was a spike from Inarizaki’s powerful wing spiker, Aran. Not only that, the spike was perfectly set up by Osamu, and was supposed to be a sure score. 

Hinata used all his experience in being a ball boy for the Miyagi training camp, where all he did was be the receiving end of the attackers. 

He observed and concentrated on where the ball would go, and he was there. The reception was so special, it shook everyone watching. Even Kageyama thought it was a perfect receive. (S4 E22)

Tsukishima blocks Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima’s spikes are like bombs. They are so strong, blocking them would be considered a miracle. And a miracle there is in this background.

Kei Tsukishima, Karasuno’s tower of power, was the very first blocker known to have successfully blocked Ushijima’s spikes and taken a point for it. But that wasn’t all that made this moment a great one.

Before and during the training camp, Tsukishima never really gave a special value to volleyball. All volleyball was to him that was just a club sport and nothing more. But after their practice game, Bokuto told Tsukishima that it only takes one moment in every player’s life to get hooked with the game. 

That saying proved true, as Tsukishima never felt more alive than in that moment, in this background. After the outstanding play, he clenched his fist and yelled to the top of his lungs as he achieved both a point and a new view and passion for the game of volleyball. 

(S3 E4)

Haikyuu Season 3: Tsukishima Blocks Ushijima | Anime Amino

Kyotani; Mad Dog

When you go against someone nicknamed Mad Dog, you know you are going to see something out of the ordinary. And that is exactly what Karasuno saw. In the second meeting of Karasuno and Aoba Johsai, Karasuno was in for something. They saw a player that wasn’t part of the team when they first met.

 Kentaro Kyotani, nicknamed Mad Dog (derived from the first parts of his given and last name), was a fierce-looking individual. And he more than lives up to his nicknames in many ways. He was not able to join their first match with Karasuno, along with other practices and matches, due to his uncooperative behavior.

Much to Karasuno’s surprise and dismay, Kyotani was a handful. He was said to be the best among the second years, and he gives us a glimpse into this background. 

This was when he ran from outside the court’s boundary and hit a strong cross-shot. Best part? He eluded Karasuno’s wall of Kageyama, Tanaka, and Hinata with ease. 

(S2 E21)

Haikyuu!! Season 2 - 21 - Lost in Anime

Hinata blocks Ushijima

As we’ve mentioned before, it is an absolute miracle when Ushijima’s spikes get blocked. But what do you call it when it gets blocked twice in a game? Well, you’d call it impossible if it weren’t caught on camera! 

In this background, we see a second miracle that happened in the game of Shiratorizawa and Karasuno. It’s Ushijima, back at it with another one of his strong spikes. 

All hope seems lost until it gets stopped and sent back to the other court from a block by Hinata, the person you’d least expect to block the shot.

The stop and block were all thanks to the thinking of the brilliant coach Ukai, who asked Hinata to block Ushijima’s attack with a soft block. 

However, Hinata timed the block a bit late, which makes it look more like a dig than a block. One thing’s for sure, that’s a beautiful stop caught in the background right there.

(S4 E8)

Atsumu Miya’s service ritual

When your school’s volleyball team is a winning juggernaut, the whole community feels the momentum of every bang and cheer of the band. But this isn’t something you see every day. 

Inarizaki is one of the volleyball powerhouses of the Nationals. The team had exceptional talent, but the unanimous face of the team was none other than the Japan National team’s setter, Atsumu Miya. 

 In the second round, they are set to play against Karasuno. The crows were about to witness something that would leave them in awe. Inarizaki’s band showed its full support as Atsumu was walking up to the service line. 

Then, Atsumu made a somewhat attention-catching gesture. As he was about to serve, he raised his hand and clenched his fist. This made Inarizaki’s crowd silent, which in turn influenced the whole stadium. 

The background and the scene resembled something like the calm that came before the storm, which came in the form of Atsumu’s powerful serve. (S4 E14)

Nishinoya’s heart and will 

A true competitor leaves everything on the court. And Nishinoya is the perfect example of a true competitor, as seen in the background below. 

During the intense match against Shiratorizawa, Nishinoya did everything he could do to help the team. Shiratorizawa had strong players who could serve and spike very well, which made Nishinoya’s job a lot harder. 

In a tight scoring sequence, Shirabu’s serve grazed the top of the net, which made it fall short of where Nishinoya expected. However, Nishinoya saves the day and dives forward to receive the ball. This sent the ball towards the opponent’s net. 

Things seemingly get worse for the crows as Goshiki directly spikes the chance ball. Guess who was there to receive it? Nishinoya! He received the ball for a second time in a row despite being in a bad position. Now that is heart! 

(S3 E9)

Tanaka gets back in the game

It is perfectly normal to doubt yourself sometimes, whether in life or in an actual game. Especially when you are surrounded by great people. That’s what momentarily happened to Tanaka. 

In Karasuno’s tight game against Inarizaki, Tanaka felt like he was making all the wrong moves. After a few bad plays, it was clear that he wasn’t his normal, confident self. He found himself reflecting and thinking about how he wasn’t as good as his teammates. 

Luckily, Tanaka regained his confidence. He didn’t let the bad emotions cloud him. As the ball goes down toward Kageyama, Tanaka immediately calls for the ball. He spikes the ball and scores even with Suna’s block, creating this inspiring background! 

(S4 E16)

Miya brothers’ quick attack

You can tell that a certain team is strong in many different ways. One of which is the ability to adapt and create new advantages out of a disadvantage. This background displays just that. 

The Miya brothers are the driving force of the Inarizaki team. They play well together, which is credited a lot to how well they complement and read each other. 

This chemistry is shown when they show off their own version of a quick attack, the specialty of Kageyama and Hinata. 

In the early stages of the match, Inarizaki was pummeling Karasuno with service aces and strong attacks. But what really shook the crows was this perfectly timed quick attack by the Miya brothers. It was so good, many even believe it to be better than Kageyama and Hinata’s version.

At the match’s final point, they attempted the same quick attack in hopes to finally beat Karasuno. 

It was a great attack, but better defense by Hinata and Kageyama stopped it and Karasuno won the close-fought match.

(S4 E14) 

Oikawa’s genius 

There are a lot of things that define a great player. His attitude, his charisma, his looks. But what really spells it out is his skill and IQ. In this background, Aoba Johsai’s Oikawa displayed his brilliance. 

In the close battle against Karasuno, Oikawa and his team found themselves in a tough spot after a strong attack which sent the ball flying towards outside territory after they receive. This is where Oikawa’s prowess really shows. 

Just when it seems like it was going to be an easy chance ball for Karasuno, Oikawa does a jump set from outside the court. 

The chilling part was that before the set, Oikawa, as seen in the background below, pointed to Iwaizumi. This resulted in an attack that left Karasuno stiff in their shoes.

(S2 E25)

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