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hinata's height

How tall is Hinata Shoyo?

There are a lot of takes and opinions from fans all over the world on the controversial “Hinata height”. Some say it isn’t a hindrance, others say it’s a disadvantage.  Which begs the question, how tall is Hinata from Haikyuu in feet? 

This is the “Shoyo Hinata height”. Our favorite orange-headed little giant stood at 164.2 cm or 5’4” tall after the first half of his freshman year. This is a significant improvement from his 162.8 cm or 5’3” height when he first entered Karasuno.  

How high can Hinata jump? Despite being of short stature, Hinata can jump out of the roof and he really loves to spike the ball. Boasting a 48-inch vertical jump, He is one of the best offensive assets of the team!

Now, let’s talk about the rest of the Haikyuu heights.

Kageyama Tobio Height

Ah yes, the ever-famous king of the court. 

Tobio Kageyama is certainly a fan favorite. At the beginning of high school, the frequently-asked “Kageyama Tobio height” was just 180.6 cm tall, roughly 5’11.1”. As half the school year passed, he added 1.3 centimeters to his height, making him 181.9 cm or 5’11.6”. Exceptional for one of the finest setters in the league. His height helps him be great at most of the important aspects of the game; serving, setting, attacking, he has it all. But he could use a little help with his temper.

How tall is Tsukishima?

Four eyes, the tallest player on the Karasuno team. Kei is the witty blocker of Karasuno. At the beginning of the school year, Kei is noted to be 188.3 cm tall, around 6’2.1”. Kei currently stands at 6’2.8” tall, which is around 190.1 cm.  Talk about a tower of power, no wonder he gets all those clean blocks on his opponents! Match the height with a big brain and you’ve got one heck of a double-edged sword! 

Sawamura Daichi Height

Sawamura Daichi, the all-inspiring captain of Karasuno high. Sawamura is one of three seniors on the team. Daichi currently stands at 5’9.6” tall, which is right around 176.8 cm. Unlike the others, Daichi never really grew that much, as his height only increased by a measly .1 cm. That’s more than enough for Daichi to be the captain his team needs. He can attack and defend just as well as anyone on the team.

Sugawara Koshi Height

Sugawara Koshi is a senior student, along with Daichi and Asahi. He is Karasuno’s substitute setter and a reliable one at that. When the school year started, Sugawara’s height stood at 174.3 cm, roughly around 5’8.6”. His current height, which is at the second half of the school year, measures 174.6 which isn’t really much of an improvement. However, Sugawara is more than capable despite being the 3rd shortest member of the team. 

How tall is Asahi?

Azumane Asahi is the reliable ace of Karasuno high school. Asahi is also one of the senior students on the team. At the beginning of the school year, Asahi’s height was measured at around 184.7 cm, roughly 6’0.7” tall. However, he currently stands nearly an inch taller, measuring at 186.4 cm or 6’1.4” tall. With his height, Asahi has always been the trusted attacker for the team. It allows him to always perform at his best whenever the team needs it, going over tall defenses and scoring for the team. 

Tanaka Height

Karasuno’s other reliable wing spiker. Tanaka Ryunosuke is a second-year student of the Karasuno team. He currently stands with a height of 178.2 cm, or 5’10.2”. This is a slight improvement when compared to his height of 177.2 cm when the school year began. uses his height well when it comes to helping his team secure the win. With his stature and fiery passion, nothing is impossible for Tanaka. 

Nishinoya Yu Height

Simply put, not all that. Nishinoya is the libero, the guardian angel of the Karasuno high school team. At the beginning of his second school year, Nishinoya measured at 159.3 cm, about 5-foot 2.7-inches tall. By the time when the second half of the year came, Nishinoya grew 1.2 centimeters, increasing his height to 160.5 cm or 5’3.2”. Despite being relatively short, Nishinoya is arguably one of the most valuable players on the team, as no one can receive a hard spike like he can. Proof that heart can mean just as much as height

Yamaguchi Tadashi Height

Yamaguchi is a freshman member of the Karasuno volleyball team. When the school year started, right where he and Kei met Tobio and Hinata, Yamaguchi stood at 5’10.7” tall, around 179.5 cm. By the end of the first half of the year, he grew a small .5 cm, which makes him stand at 5’10.9” tall or 180 cm. His height has, no pun intended, served him well when it comes to being the pinch server his team needs him to be.

Ennoshita Chikara Height

Ennoshita Chikara is a substitute outside hitter for the Karasuno team. Chikara’s height at the beginning of the school year measured 175.4 cm, which is around 5’ 9.1” tall. When the second half of the year began, Ennoshita grew a small .7 cm to add on to his height, making him measure at 176.1 cm or 5’9.3”. His height is definitely a big help when it comes to playing his role as the team’s substitute hitter. 

Hisashi Kinoshita Height

The substitute wing spiker for Karasuno high. Hisashi Kinoshita is a second-year student who currently stands at a height of 5’9.2” or 175.8 cm. This is an improvement when compared to his height at the start of the school year, which measured at 174.7 cm or 5’8.8”. He isn’t the tallest spiker around but his height can help him and his team. 

Kazuhito Narita Height

Kazuhito Narita is a substitute middle blocker for the Karasuno team. During the first half of the school year, Narita had a height of 180.2 cm, which is around 5’10.9”. His height went on to increase just a little bit, exactly .7 cm. This made him measure to 180.9 cm or 5’11.2”. Despite not seeing much action from Narita, his height tells us that he is definitely suited for the position of middle blocker. 

Heights of other characters from Haikyuu

Kuroo Height

The prized team captain of Nekoma. Kuroo is one of the most loved characters of the Haikyuu series, which is why many would ask questions about him, such as “how tall is Kuroo from Haikyuu” and others. The middle blocker was listed at 187.7 centimeters or 6-feet and an inch tall at the beginning of the school year. It later increased to 189.9 centimeters or 6-foot two inches tall during the second half of the year. 

How tall is Oikawa?

He is probably the most sought-after character in the series. Toru Oikawa is the ace setter and captain of the strong Aoba Johsai volleyball team. He is considered to be a genius among his competitors. At the beginning of the school year, the ever-questioned “Oikawa height” was listed at 184.3 centimeters, which means he was 6-feet tall. He pretty much never grew up in the current anime series. 

How tall is Akaashi?

Keiji Akashi is the vice-captain and setter of the loud and proud Furokodani University team. Here’s the sought-after “Aakashi height”. The sophomore was listed at 182.3 centimeters, or 5-foot 11.8-inches tall at the beginning of the school year. He eventually grew to be 6-feet tall, adding .7 centimeters to his height by the second half of the year. 

Kenma Height

The fans of the calm and cool blondie from Nekoma are dying to know everything about Kenma, including how tall is Kenma. 

Kenma Kozume is the highly intelligent setter of the Nekoma volleyball team. The relaxed sophomore was measured at 169.2 centimeters, around 5-foot 6.6-inches tall, during the first half of the school year. 

He was only able to grow by a short .8 centimeters, which makes him a full 170 centimeters or 5-foot 6.9 inches tall by the second half of the year. 

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