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hinata shoyo

How old is Hinata Shoyo?

You might be wondering, how old is Hinata from Haikyuu? 

The series’ most iconic, orange-headed little giant. Hinata Shoyo’s birthday falls on 21st, June 1996. In the anime series, which took place in the time of 2012 and before the Haikyuu time skip, Hinata is 16 years of age. 

It’s safe to say that he really was acting his age during the early parts of the series; being highly energetic and eager to learn new things, but slightly annoying and sometimes immature. 

However, when you base it on our timeline, Hinata would already be 25 years old. 

Let’s find out about the ages of the other Karasuno members. 

How old is Kageyama Tobio?

The fan-favorite Tobio Kageyama has been given the nickname “king of the court” at a relatively young age no matter what the nickname meant. Kageyama was born on the 22nd day of December 1996. 

In the year 2012, where the anime took place, Kageyama was 16 years old. His age explains his stubborn and self-centered nature since this is the age where teens usually go all out for themselves. 

Kageyama would also be 25 years old in our 2021 timeline. If you’ve ever wondered how old is Kageyama from Haikyuu, here you go. 

How old is Tsukishima Kei?

Karasuno’s tallest player and strongest wall. Kei Tsukishima was born on September 27, 1996. Also a freshman, Kei is the same age as Tobio and Hinata when based on the 2012 anime timeline (16 years old). 

Despite being the same age, Kei doesn’t show that much of a childish attitude, aside from being a bully at times. Kei, like Hinata and Kageyama, would also be 25 years of age in our year, 2021. 

How old is Sawamura Daichi?

Sawamura Daichi is the captain of Karasuno high. Daichi was born on the 31st of December, in the year 1994. He is among the oldest members of the Karasuno team and is a senior student at Karasuno high. 

In the 2012 timeline, Daichi would have been at the legal age of 18 years. To say the least, his age definitely suits his characteristics; a kind, caring individual who guides those younger than him, but also has fun with them. In the year 2021, Daichi will be 27 years old. 

How old is Sugawara Koshi?

Sugawara Koshi, along with Daichi and Asahi, is an older member of the team. He is a 3rd-year student who was born on June 13, 1994, the same year Daichi was born. Sugawara would be at the same age as Daichi, 18, in the 2012 anime timeline. 

He is kind and displays a mature attitude when it comes to being Karasuno’s trusty substitute setter. He is also a great teammate. In the year 2012, Sugawara would also be 27 years old. 

How old is Azumane Asahi?

Azumane Asahi, along with Daichi and Sugawara, is a senior student from Karasuno high. He was born on the 1st day of January, the year 1995. Despite being the same year level, Asahi, 17, is a year younger than Daichi and Sugawara (18). 

He would be 26 years old in our 2021 timeline. Despite being a little emotional at times, Asahi is focused and mature and he shows us why he is the reliable ace of Karasuno high school. He definitely acts his age. 

How old is Tanaka Ryunosuke?

Tanaka Ryunosuke is the fiery, mischievous junior from Karasuno. He is Karasuno’s other reliable wing spiker. Despite being born on March 3, 1996, the same year Hinata and Kageyama were born, Ryu is a year ahead of them in school. 

Ryu is also 16 on the 2012 timeline, which explains his rather wild and chaotic behavior. But he has always stood up for his teammates no matter who it was against. Ryu would also be 25 years old in the 2021 timeline.

How old is Nishinoya Yu?

Nishinoya is the guardian angel of the Karasuno high school team. He was born on the 10th day of October 1995. In the 2012 anime timeline, Nishinoya, like Asahi, would also be 17 years old. 

His age much reflects in his behavior around his teammates, especially around Shoyo. He is playful and has the same passion as Ryu when it comes to Ms. Shimizu. Nishinoya would also be 26 years old in our current timeline in 2021. 

How old is Yamaguchi Tadashi?

Yamaguchi Tadashi was born in the same year as Hinata, Kageyama, Kei, and Ryu. His birthday is on November 10, 1996. Yamaguchi would also be 16 years old in the 2012 anime timeline. 

Despite being of the same age as the above-mentioned members, Tadashi probably has a more cautious and sane approach in life. He also tends to be quiet, unlike the others. Tadashi is around 25 years old in our current timeline. 

How old is Ennoshita Chikara?

Ennoshita is a junior student from Karasuno high and is a substitute outside hitter for the Karasuno volleyball team. Ennoshita was born on December 26, 1995. This makes him the same age as Nishinoya and Asahi at 17 in the 2012 timeline. 

Ennoshita really showed and acted his age when he became a substitute for Daichi when he was injured. He became the captain for a brief while. In the 2021 timeline, Ennoshita would also be 26. 

How old is Hisashi Kinoshita? 

Hisashi Kinoshita is a second-year student and the substitute wing spiker for Karasuno high. He was born on the 15th of February, in the year 1996. 

Kinoshita is 16 years old, which is the same age as Hinata in the 2012 timeline. Although not much has been shown about him in the series, the determination, and heart for someone that young is definitely present within Kinoshita. Kinoshita is also 25 years old in the 2021 timeline. 

How old is Kazuhito Narita?

Kazuhito Narita is a second-year student from Karasuno high and is a substitute middle blocker for the Karasuno volleyball team. He was born on August 17, 1995. In The 2012 anime timeline, Narita would be 17 years of age. He is a strong-willed, cheerful individual, which is perfect for his young age. In our current 2021 timeline, Narita is 26 years old. 

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