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Haikyuu Main Character

The Haikyuu anime has definitely been the talk of the town in recent years. It is a volleyball anime that has captured players and non-players alike because of its relatable character development, stunning scenes, and suspenseful matches. 

Like all other great anime series, Haikyuu has a lineup of great characters who are members of amazing teams. But none better than the main character. However, unlike other anime series, the main character hasn’t really been given enough spotlight as much as main characters from other series have had.

Who is the Haikyuu main character?

Haikyuu, in the recent anime release, focuses on the growth of each character (mainly on the Karasuno team) individually and as a team. 

But there are two characters who arguably have almost the same amount of screen time. These two are also part of the best duo of the Haikyuu anime series. This is Hinata Shoyo and Kagayema Tobio. The story begins with them going against each other. Then, it goes on with the training together, becoming teammates, and improving both individually and as a team. 

Before the MC debate, let’s get to know the two stars first. 

Who is Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu?

Hinata Shoyo is a positive, hard-working individual who was inspired by a certain player in a televised game to play volleyball. He has orange hair and is relatively short for his position in volleyball. He is first seen playing against Kageyama and Kitagawa Daiichi. Aside from self-practice, Hinata never really had help when it came to learning volleyball. He was only gifted with determination and outstanding athleticism. 

hinata shoyo

Hinata Height 

The orange-headed little giant stood at 164.2 cm or 5’4” tall after the first half of his freshman year. This is a significant improvement from his 162.8 cm or 5’3” height when he first entered Karasuno. 

Hinata Age

Hinata was born on the 21st day of June 1996. In the anime series, which took place in the time of 2012, Hinata is 16 years of age. It’s safe to say that he really was acting his age during the early parts of the series; being highly energetic and eager to learn new things, but slightly annoying and sometimes immature. However, when you base it on our timeline, Hinata would already be 25 years old. 

Who is Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu?

Kageyama Tobio is a talented volleyball player. He was the player that intimidated everyone. Kageyama was nicknamed king of the court. But the nickname wasn’t really understood the way we thought. He always had a knack for being too insensitive and wanting things to go his way. Kageyama, unlike Hinata, had proper training and guidance to play the game of volleyball. He was a genius at it. 

Kageyama Height 

At the beginning of high school, the frequently-asked “Kageyama Tobio height” was just 180.6 cm tall, roughly 5’11.1”. As half the school year passed, he added 1.3 centimeters to his height, making him 181.9 cm or 5’11.6”. Exceptional for one of the finest setters in the league. His height helps him be great at most of the important aspects of the game; serving, setting, attacking, he has it all. But he could use a little help with his temper.

Kageyama Age

 Kageyama was born on the 22nd day of December, 1996. In the year 2012, where the anime took place, Kageyama was 16 years old. His age explains his stubborn and self-centered nature, since this is the age where teens usually go all out for themselves. Kageyama would also be 25 years old in our 2021 timeline.

Who’s the better volleyball player?

Now that we got to know them a little, let’s find out who’s better at volleyball.

Attitude towards others: Hinata has an advantage over Kageyama in this aspect since Hinata was always a cheerful individual, while Kageyama always wanted to have things his way. Kageyama was a born genius who was too fast for his teammates to keep up, which irritated him.

Stamina: Hinata, based on the series, has MONSTER stamina. He trains like a horse for hours on end. Although Kageyama is a genius, we have yet to see his stamina truly tested. 

Anticipation: I give the slight advantage to Kageyama. Being a setter, being able to anticipate the direction of the ball and where it goes is very important; something Kageyama has been familiar with since day one. Hinata shows great anticipation skills as a defensive decoy, but still lacks experience. 

Court awareness: This is easily Kageyama. Kageyama’s IQ and court awareness are his bread and butter. He is a genius for a reason. He always knew where to position himself and where everybody was at all times. 

Agility: This is a hard one, they are both equally agile. Kageyama was already agile in the early stages of high school. It takes good agility to get any sort of receive and turn it into a beautiful set, and he is only getting better. Hinata shows off his agility in his transitioning from offense to defense. He receives the ball, next thing you know he’s already flying through the air. 

Who’s the fan-favorite among Hinata and Kageyama? 

So we are going to base this on the polls released by Shonen Jump.

The first popularity poll released by Shonen Jump, Tobio Kageyama had 6,639 votes while Shōyō Hinata had 6,058 votes. The second popularity poll, Shōyō Hinata had 12,720 votes while Kageyama Tobio only had 9369. 

This would mean that while Kageyama had favor in the early stages of the series, Hinata came out as the clear fan-favorite among the two.

Who is the real main character in Haikyuu? 

So here it is. The final verdict. 

By definition, the main character is an individual that is directly impacted by the main conflict of the story’s plot. In this case, Haikyuu’s plot is the development of a certain individual named Hinata Shoyo. Throughout the series we see Hinata facing the struggles of becoming a good volleyball player. Although we also see some of the development of other characters like Kageyama, Hinata had a deeper connection to the plot. Haikyuu is the story of a young boy named Hinata Shoyo who, despite being short, dreams of becoming a volleyball player.

Kageyama is a great character, no doubt about it, but it is clear that Haikyuu’s main character is Hinata Shoyo.

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