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How many episodes are in haikyuu season 3?

Haikyuu season 3 release date Haikyū!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy is the title of the 3rd season of Haikyuu. The Haikyuu season 3 release date was on October 8, 2016 and went on until December 10, 2016. It has 25 episodes. Haikyuu volleyball anime has completed 4 seasons up to date. Haikyuu season […]

When did Haikyuu come out?

If you’ve been hearing about a great anime about volleyball, or an anime volleyball show, then here you go!  Haikyuu is one of the hottest anime of the 21st century. It’s packed with jaw-dropping twists, accomplishments, and crazy animation!  What is Haikyuu about? Haikyuu is a premier sports-related anime that has become a favorite for […]

hinata's height

How tall is Hinata Shoyo?

There are a lot of takes and opinions from fans all over the world on the controversial “Hinata height”. Some say it isn’t a hindrance, others say it’s a disadvantage.  Which begs the question, how tall is Hinata from Haikyuu in feet?  This is the “Shoyo Hinata height”. Our favorite orange-headed little giant stood at […]

hinata shoyo

How old is Hinata Shoyo?

You might be wondering, how old is Hinata from Haikyuu?  The series’ most iconic, orange-headed little giant. Hinata Shoyo’s birthday falls on 21st, June 1996. In the anime series, which took place in the time of 2012 and before the Haikyuu time skip, Hinata is 16 years of age.  It’s safe to say that he […]

haikyuu background karasuno team

Top 13 Haikyuu Backgrounds

Discover 13 of the best Haikyuu backgrounds below: Kageyama meets Hinata  This is where it all started. Where Kageyama and Hinata were first introduced, each playing for different teams.  Hinata’s very first volleyball match with his team, Yukigaoka, came against Kitagawa Dai-ichi, the team of the renowned king of the court, Tobio Kageyama. Simply put, […]

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